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Heating, Cooling and Growing Degree Days

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 City Reports and Data Downloads

1-Heating& Cooling Degree Days
2-Max, Min & Daily Average
3-Growing Degree Days
4-HDD using adjusted Balance Point 1
5-CDD using adjusted Balance Point 1
6-Normal Temps and Degree Days
7-Download Normals 2
8-Download 1 month Max, Min Temps 2
9-Download 12 months Max, Min Temps 3

  State Zonal Reports

10-Heating Degree Days
11-Cooling Degree Days
12-Pop Weighted Heating Degree Days
13-Pop Weighted Cooling Degree Days

City:    (Reports 1-9 only)
Balance Point1:
 (Reports 4 and 5 only)

1Balance Point, is used with energy audit programs. It is the outside temperature at which the furnace will start in heating days or the A/C will turn on in cooling days. Adjust as necessary to meet your needs. 65 is typically used.
2Data downloads of normals, max and min temperatures are in CSV text (comma delimited format).
3CSV format, data starts at selected month and year. Less than one year may be returned if data is not yet available.